SkinPro Healthy Aging Skin

A natural lift…  


Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, the maintenance of normal skin, normal formation of connective tissue, maintenance of normal connective tissues, has a role in the process of cell division and contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Package: 30 dosages.

Dosage: 1 dosering (2 scoops) per day, after the meal.

Recommended use: thoroughly dissolve content in 150 ml water or juice. Use a shaker for the best preparation.

Ingredients: hydrolysed fish collagen (type I) (Peptan® F 5000 LD), glucosamine HCl (shellfish). Flavourings: citric acid, natural blue berry stevia. Methyl sulphonyl methane (OptiMSM®), calcium ascorbate (Ester-C®), L-arginine HCl, hydrolysed fish cartilage (type II) (Cartidyss®), chondroitin sulphate (fish), bamboo twinges (Bambusa vulgaris | 70% silicon), ceramides (wheat) (Ceramosides®), hyaluronic acid, L-lysine HCl, L-glutamine base, pomegranate (Punica granatum | 40% ellagic acid) extract, elastin peptides (fish), zinc mono-L-methionine sulphate (L-OptiZinc®), nicotinamide, manganese citrate, L-selenium methionine, copper bisglycinate, biotin, cholecalciferol.

Free of: yeast, lactose and corn.

Amount per dosage  %RV
Fish collagen peptides5000 mg   *
Glucosamine  625 mg   *
Methyl suphonyl methane  500 mg   *
Vitamin C  400 mg 500
Arginine    250 mg   *
Fish cartilage  250 mg   *
Chondroitin  225 mg   *
Ceramides  200 mg   *
Hyaluronic acid  200 mg   *
Silicon  140 mg   *
Lysine  100 mg   *
Glutamine  100 mg   *
Pomegranate extract  100 mg   *
Elastin peptides  100 mg   *
Nicotinamide      8 mg   50
Zinc      5 mg   50
Manganese   1,5 mg   75
Copper 300 mcg   30
Biotin   50 mcg 100
Vitamin D   25 mcg 500
Selenium16,5 mcg   30
* RV (Reference Value) not established.






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