TerreMatrix (powder) Skin



Cleans and provides a smooth and soft skin.
TerreMatrix is a calcium montmorillonite clay, a special type of clay that deeply cleanses the skin. The clay has a very fine structure that can easily reach the microscopically small ‘curves’ of the pores. Apply twice a month for effective cleansing. The clay even removes remnants of make-up that have penetrated deep into the skin. If you have acne, we recommend using the clay once a week. After using the clay, it is advisable to apply a rich cream containing natural oils onto the skin.

Package: 40 dosages.

Dosering: 10 scoops.

Recommended use: mix with water to form a spreadable paste, apply, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse. Also suitable for treating small spots. Avoid staining clothes. 

Ingredients: calcium montmorillonite clay.



TerreMatrix (powder)


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